Easter with Melissa and her family

When Melissa contacted me to capture her family traditions on her family farm,  I had no trouble saying yes.  This family was amazing to spend time with, and participate in their annual Easter celebration.  There was an egg hunt,  playing ball in the grass, a trip to the barn to see the cows, and a new stuffed bunny for a sweet boy.  There is so much love in this family, and I was honoured to be there. 

The Coutt's Family

It was a cool evening when I met up with the Coutt's family at their BEAUTIFUL home.  The children were finishing off a snack, so I was able to capture a few photos of their life.  They showed me their rooms, and they all danced in the light bouncing off the glass table in their living room.  We headed out to Cultus lake, threw rocks and sticks in the lake, and watched the sun set.  It's my favourite thing to capture love and connection,  which was easy to do with this happy, high-spirited family.

The Lodders Family

After many days of rain, I was so excited for a sunny photo shoot, and on Sunday morning, when the sun started to peek over the mountains, my heart leaped with excitement.  It was a chilly morning, but that didn't stop this lovely family from having some fun.  Running in the wet field,  watching salmon jump in the creek, throwing leaves in the water, and spending time together.  I have known the Lodder's for several years, and I have always admired the way they interact with their children.  Their love and connection as a family is heart warming, and I was honoured to capture a little slice of their lives, on a beautiful, colourful and sunny fall day.