Tiptoeing through the tulips

We headed out early this morning to the Chilliwack Tulip Festival to beat the crowds, however we arrived to hundreds of people all thinking the same thing. But we made the most of it, by dodging the selfie sticks, and avoiding the line ups to the designated photo areas. It was lovely to be out in all the colour, and the glorious sun.

Spring Break in San Diego

This March, our family of three headed down to San Diego for a week holiday. It’s very rainy over the winter months and we are always needing sunshine by the middle of March to brighten our mood. Funny enough, this year, it was 26 degrees at home, when we took off for sunny California. But going away always soothes the soul and uplifts the spirit. We had beach time and family time, and many an electric scooter ride. Sunsets were also an evening priority. These photos are a taste of our time together.

Searching for teapots

It’s April in B.C, and that means everything is green. The cherry trees are blossoming and in between rain showers the sun peeks through, and it makes the forest magical. We live in a beautiful area, and today we headed out with some friends to hike Teapot hill. Along the way, people have placed teapots and cups in the forest and so the kids love finding them all as we hike the hill. It’s great motivation!

It’s day four of my social media break, and it’s been amazing. It’s been so valuable to not feel the noise and distraction of constant scrolling, and I honestly feel like a different person. I even cleaned my kitchen pantry, which was filled with crackers and pasta from 2017. :) I’ve realized that avoidance and procrastination is so easy when you are constantly stimulated with others people’s lives. It was so wonderful to be in nature and not think about checking for messages, finding the teapots, while connecting with others. In real life.

Father's Day

It's Father's Day.  And there is no way I can say what I need to say in one Facebook post, so I thought I'd write a blog.

Yesterday,  Finn took out an old photo album and was asking all kinds of questions about each photo.  It was so neat to see him turn the pages and look at each photo and ask details about each one.  And then he said " You should delete this one, it's blurry."  And Michael and I roared with laughter.

When I think about my own father, I think about all the amazing photos he took of me and my sister together.  And how I can hold those photos in my hands and remember the moments.  And of all the photos of him and I together.  It's such a gift to me, and for Finn to look at those, and see my childhood through his eyes.

But here's the thing.  We hardly print photos anymore.  They are all on a hard drive somewhere, or on our phones.  One of my friends is recently diving back into film. And her photos are incredible.  Remember that?  Where you couldn't edit a photo?  You had to wait for the film to come back?  We didn't know it then, but there's a magic and a nostalgia for it that is missing in this digital world.

So, I guess I'm saying on this Father's Day, after you take the photos of your kids with their Dad's,  print them.  Don't just put them up on Instagram and Facebook. (and this isn't blame, I'm guilty of this too.) Get them up on the walls, put them in your office, show them to your kids in print form.

I took this photos of Finn and Michael yesterday morning, and the light and the moment was perfect.  And I'm totally going to print them.  So that Finn can hold and remember this moment years from now,  instead of it being deleted.

Happy Father's Day.

The Standeven's with baby Benjamin

One of my favourite kinds of sessions is coming a home freshly after a new baby has arrived.  There's a quiet magic in the air, and a special energy that is like no other time in your life. This is how it felt when I walked into Kim and Kevin's house.  Baby Ben came a little earlier than planned, and was oh so tiny, but the love for a new brother was evident immediately.  I love spending time with families as they go about there day, and I'm just there to capture those moments that we so often forget in the fog of parenting in those early days. 

Easter with Melissa and her family

When Melissa contacted me to capture her family traditions on her family farm,  I had no trouble saying yes.  This family was amazing to spend time with, and participate in their annual Easter celebration.  There was an egg hunt,  playing ball in the grass, a trip to the barn to see the cows, and a new stuffed bunny for a sweet boy.  There is so much love in this family, and I was honoured to be there. 

The Coutt's Family

It was a cool evening when I met up with the Coutt's family at their BEAUTIFUL home.  The children were finishing off a snack, so I was able to capture a few photos of their life.  They showed me their rooms, and they all danced in the light bouncing off the glass table in their living room.  We headed out to Cultus lake, threw rocks and sticks in the lake, and watched the sun set.  It's my favourite thing to capture love and connection,  which was easy to do with this happy, high-spirited family.