Searching for teapots

It’s April in B.C, and that means everything is green. The cherry trees are blossoming and in between rain showers the sun peeks through, and it makes the forest magical. We live in a beautiful area, and today we headed out with some friends to hike Teapot hill. Along the way, people have placed teapots and cups in the forest and so the kids love finding them all as we hike the hill. It’s great motivation!

It’s day four of my social media break, and it’s been amazing. It’s been so valuable to not feel the noise and distraction of constant scrolling, and I honestly feel like a different person. I even cleaned my kitchen pantry, which was filled with crackers and pasta from 2017. :) I’ve realized that avoidance and procrastination is so easy when you are constantly stimulated with others people’s lives. It was so wonderful to be in nature and not think about checking for messages, finding the teapots, while connecting with others. In real life.