Hi, I'm Wendy.  Now that you are here, I hope you will spend some time looking through and getting to know me and my work.  I live in Chilliwack, B.C.  I am a teacher and a photographer. I have been married to my amazing husband Michael for twenty years and have a five year old boy named Finn, who inspires me daily to live in the moment.  

I am a chaser of light, colour, story and love.   I want to jump in the moment and bring it to life.   I see with my heart and soul.

I would love to capture your story.  As you are and what you love.

Here's what I love:

I love lazy mornings with my family, enjoying the light dancing around my living room.  I love snuggling with my five year old boy and reading stories. I love dinner parties with friends, and passionate discussions. I love to inspire others.

I love being a mother to my boy and sharing the world with him.

If you've read all this and want to see more check out my client work and personal work. Or simply contact me.


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