The inspiring women together project


Women together

An art, photo, and storytelling project

Two and a half years ago, on a cold January evening, my lovely friend Heidi and I shared chocolate and tea, and created personal vision boards together.  We were anticipating the year ahead, setting personal goals, as well as creative ones.  In our conversation we made a decision that somehow we needed to put our hearts and visions together, and create a project.  Something to inspire others, and feed our creative souls.  I would take pictures and Heidi would write.  If you haven't met Heidi, you need to.  She is the most lovely, kind, gentle incredible person and storyteller.  Each story she tells, she draws you in.  Every detail is explained, and she takes her time.  You can't help but listen, because of the gentle lilt of her voice,  the movement of her hands, and her direct eye contact with whoever she's speaking to.  I adore her. 

So, last year we created a motherhood project, where we interviewed eight women and asked them questions about being a mother, and I took photos.  We tied it all together on the eve of Mother's Day with a party, and we shared our discoveries and photos with the women we interviewed, and their spouses.  It was an incredible night, and we decided that a new project needed to be born.  After some discussion we decided to do a project where we interviewed the same women as our motherhood project, but this time ask them to pick a woman in their life that inspires them and supports them in their lives.  We would then interview them and their friend, and have them share stories and reasons why they are each important to one another.  During the interviews, I would document and capture their conversation.

And so, this spring we spent every second Sunday afternoon, having lovely cups of tea or coffee with two women, who shared their connection, their stories, and their affection for each other.  Every relationship was different, but the themes of friendship, inspiration, strength, generosity,  and empowerment came through in each conversation. There was tears and laughter, and moments of vulnerability.  It was perfect.

Heidi documented each interview with three simple, yet detailed, drawings of the time we spent with each duo.  And then we weaved our thoughts together in a web of photos and art work. On the 12th of May, we had an intimate gathering, and shared our thoughts and stories of what we discovered, and what these women had given us. 

When I picked up a camera three years ago, I had no idea where it would take me.  I never imagined that I would still be working on developing my skills as a photographer, and venturing into the world of professional photography.  It has been life changing.  However, my time with Heidi, building and growing our creative friendship is the best and most important gift of this entire photography journey.  It fills my soul, and gives me purpose.  I am so grateful.  Thank you Heidi, for blessing me with your kindness and your talent.  I hope this journey continues. 

Thank you to all the women who let us into their homes and their lives, and gave meaning to it all.

Here's a snippet of what the project looked like:

Wendy Bickis