Mallory, Glen and Weston

Mallory contacted me in October to set up a photo session, and it took us a while to make it happen because of the crazy rainy weather we've been having.  But on Monday, we headed out to find the last of the colourful leaves.  This lovely family of three has recently moved to Chiiliwack, and they are making this beautiful place home.  It was fitting to join them on a walk in their new neighbourhood, and capture their connection and love.

The Lodders Family

After many days of rain, I was so excited for a sunny photo shoot, and on Sunday morning, when the sun started to peek over the mountains, my heart leaped with excitement.  It was a chilly morning, but that didn't stop this lovely family from having some fun.  Running in the wet field,  watching salmon jump in the creek, throwing leaves in the water, and spending time together.  I have known the Lodder's for several years, and I have always admired the way they interact with their children.  Their love and connection as a family is heart warming, and I was honoured to capture a little slice of their lives, on a beautiful, colourful and sunny fall day.

The Hart's

Thanksgiving Monday morning.  The forecast called for full sun, and I was so excited to get out and do a morning sunrise shoot.  As we all drove to the location, the clouds didn't budge and the sun refused to peek out behind the mountains.  But, it was a crisp fall morning and it wasn't raining, and so we all just went with the flow. 

I adore this family. They were so willing to step in puddles and mud, climb hills, and just hang out with me as I captured their kind and gentle spirits.  Even their youngest, just sat on the road collecting rocks.  Although the sun didn't shine, their love for each other shined brightly.

Melody and family

I met Melody and her daughter, Jennifer in a Music Together class, and we spent three years sitting across the music circle with our children, singing "Trot, old Joe" and the "Hello song."
We watched our little ones develop and change each week.  This year I haven't been attending music class, and so when Melody contacted me to take photos of her family, I was very happy to see her and spend time on an evening walk with her and Jennifer, along with her two beautiful dogs. 
We walked along Peach Ponds, and it was a glorious fall evening. You could feel the love as the sun set behind the mountains. 


Natasha and her little ones.

It was a beautiful day for a photo shoot, and I am so lucky to have spent some time with a dear friend and her lovely children.  Natasha is a beautiful woman, inside and out, and an amazing mother.  We have been friends for several years after connecting over the struggles and joys of motherhood. She and her husband, along with her two adorable children, are off to the Philippines for a six month adventure.  Jared wasn't able to join us for the shoot, because he was up North working, but his love for his family was definitely surrounding this beautiful family. 

I'm so excited to hear about their experience in the Philippines. Safe travels my friends.